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About Great Paxton Church

church july 18th o9

Holy Trinity Great Paxton is part of the Benefice of Little Paxton, Great Paxton,  Diddington  and Southoe in St Neots’ Deanery and the Diocese of Ely.

The Vicar is Rev  Canon Annette Reed( and she can be contacted on 01480 211048.

The  church wardens, Bob Hacking and Peter Dunn   live in the village and are  happy to let visitors into the church at any reasonable time of day.

Bob Hacking: 01480 219846

Peter Dunn 01480 477051

The key is available from Mrs Peters at 7 Church Lane: 01480  217559

Annette also has a blog at: which also carries news of The Benefice. It isn’t always updated but has some interesting articles  about the Benefice stored on it.

The St James Little Paxton web-site  carries  up to date articles about the Benefice Churches:

You will find a link to the St James Little Paxton Facebook Page from that web-site or go to:

Here are our usual service times:

Ist Sunday

9.00am Prayer Book Holy Communion

2nd Sunday

10.45am – Family Service

3rd Sunday

10.45am – Holy Communion

4th Sunday

10.45am – Morning Prayer

5th Sunday – “Songs of Praise” moves round the Benefice.

We hope you will like to come and visit our ancient church.

* During January- February  2016 our 2nd and 4th Sunday services will be held at 10.45am in Great Paxton School where it will be warmer!


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  1. I have just returned to Brisbane from a pleasant month in England which included a couple of days in the Hunts Archives looking for material on my wife’s ancestors principally from Godmanchester, and looating relevant churches in the area. Please don’t think I am asking you to do genealogical research for me – I sure you have plenty to do without that – but I wondered if there is a quick answer to this. One of my wife’s direct ancestors, William Fox, married Sarah Davies in Little Paxton on 18 December 1770. She seems to have been one of the daughters of the Vicar of Diddington, John Davies, who I think took an MA at Merton College Cambridge which may have been decisive in his obtaining the appointment. He held it from 1727 to his death in June 1767. His successor, according to a note I made, was Richard Davies who held it for some years. JD had a son Richard Heron Davies, but I suspect he died in infancy. Is there any record of any kinship between the two Vicars? (Incidentally, the second name “Heron” is presumed to be evidence of a Heron ancestor, and, by deduction based on family legend, one of the descendants of Sir John Heron, Recorder of Huntingdon/Godmanchester pre 1676. That is something I will have to work on!)
    Kind regards,
    Ken Mackenzie

    Comment by Ken Mackenzie | September 28, 2010 | Reply

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