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Living Water – Day 1!

It has started – the Living Water Project! Day 1 – and I hope to keep a video diary of progress.

Glenn Sclater and his mate Lance arrived at 8.30am from Leicesterhire and with amazing speed started breaking up the tower floor. Underneath they found some old stones buried which have interesting carving on – and one which is a  fascinating  shape. We need the archeologist to come out and take a look at these finds.

Here are some photos from Day 1 – I will do my best to take some piccies most days as we see the project grow. Exciting!!

glenn and Lance at the tower

Glenn and Lance attack the tower base.

Day 1 August 12 stones

Stones found buried below the tower base – any ideas what they may have come from?

Day 1 August 12th rectangualr stone with hole

Day 1 August 12th tower 2

Digging down into the tower base to lower the floor level.

Day 1 August 12th stones 6

Who did the carving? Where did these stones used to be before they were buried under the tower floor?

More soon – great that the project has now started. We need the archeologist out quick to take a look at the tower floor and the stones…


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